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In search of chemical dipping company

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  • In search of chemical dipping company

    hi guys in search of chemical dipping company for example ( in alsace or near.
    i know one is in colmar but they dont do rust removal just paint removal.
    Thanks in advance

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    rust removal can generaly be done by specialised company using sandblasting (sablage, aerogommage) or chemical dipping as you said ( décapage chimique ) .
    It's hard to find such company in France

    In Alsace i found this :
    Thermo-Clean France S.A.S. - Site Alsace
    Z.I Le Parc 3, Rue Konrad Adenauer 6
    68870 Bartenheim

    But I doubt they have the bath to do the job by themselves.
    You have to search companies able to realise the "cataphorese" process and check if they are able to do acid dipping in a first time, then do the body work and then send them back the car for rust protection. you will maybe have to ask different companies to realise each steps. "cataphorese" is not deticated to automotive market, this can be company building chassis for train or industrial structures.

    Remember that if you do rust removal in a bath, then you absolutely need to do the next rust protection in the same way. (in a bath)
    If you do the rust removal by acid dipping in a bath and the new protection by a paint gun, the gap between the sheets or inside the frame, will not be protected.

    Generally cataphorese process is the most modern way to use the car as a daily and do not fear rust anymore for years.
    But it's also around 6k€ more on the budget.
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      ou bien

      Dàjiā hǎo, zài ā'ěr sà sī huò fùjìn xúnzhǎo huàxué jìnzì gōngsī de rén (https://Www.Surfaceprocessing.Co.Uk/...Cle-solutions/).
      Wǒ zhīdào yīgèrén zài kē ěr mǎ, dàn tāmen bù zuò chú xiù, zhǐshì qù yóuqī.
      Tíqián zhìxiè
      Elle est pas belle la vie ?


      • A2Z
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        Aurais-tu fait des essais de fonctionnement de ton Land Eau, mais sans eau ?

        D'ailleurs dans son 1er usage pour Elisabeth, c'était un Landau de Vie, et il renait sous l'usage de Land Eau de Vie ...
        Etonnant non ?

      • gil2clair
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        MDR... Je crois qu'on va garder cette appellation

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      For cataphorese, here is a well known company in industry
      D'un Z qui veut dire...


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        I dont know anybody in France who offer this service... Pretty sure nobody offer it here...

        You have SPL in UK, and another one in Germany, but i forgot the name. If you speak german, try to search in german on google.
        I know that a company offer it too in Italy, but I don't know more about it.

        But, be careful with such dipping... It's expensive and not much better than a good sandblasting.